What’s New

Annual Firefighters CarFest 2022 – Stay tuned for further details!

Our Mission

The Friends of Arvada Fire Protection District (FAFPD) was formed to raise money for and otherwise support the Arvada Fire Protection District (AFPD).  Those members who formed FAFPD envision an organization that will reduce AFPD’s financial burden and allow AFPD to spend more of its time focusing on its mission of responding to emergencies within the community.

The majority of FAFPD’s efforts are centered around fundraising and grant-writing.  The money raised by FAFPD will be used to support AFPD both administratively and in connection with its Operations Division and various safety and educational programs supported by the Community Risk Reduction section. The funds that are raised by Friends of Arvada Fire will be used for items and activities such as:

  • Operations Division
    • The purchase of firefighter/EMS apparatus
    • The purchase of firefighter/EMS equipment
    • The purchase of safety gear – bunker gear, personal protective equipment, safety vests, etc.
    • The purchase of furniture, equipment and similar items for fire stations
  • Training
    • Firefighter/EMS training and education
    • Training equipment and facilities
    • Firefighter health and fitness initiatives
    • Firefighter health and fitness testing
    • The purchase of fitness equipment
  • Community Risk Reduction
    • Public education initiatives
    • Home fire safety
    • Community Risk Reduction initiatives
  • Fire Marshall’s Office
  • Business inspection resources and equipment
  • Fire investigation tools and resources
  • Support Services
  • Training
  • Radios and associated equipment
  • Dispatch equipment and software
  • Computer equipment, servers and software

Recently Funded Projects

…thanks to your valued donations

Stryker Power Cot


Safely lifts and loads patients to and from ambulance. Provides comfort and safety for patient and injury prevention for firefighters. 

Smoke Alarms


Studies show that the best chance of survival in residential fires is working smoke alarms. This program provides alarms and/or batteries and installation for residents of the District. 

Hot Sticks


Allows firefighters to safely test electrical lines for current at emergency scenes. 

Hazard Kitchen


Provides a realistic experience for home fire safety education. 

Car Seats


The Child Passenger Seat Program provides car seats and installation. Firefighters can also check existing car seat installations. 

CERT Packs


Basic gear provided to citizen volunteers who have completed the CERT Basic Academy. These citizens provide support for professional responders in the City of Arvada. 

Fire Investigation Cameras

Used for fire investigation documentation to help determine how a fire started, and provide educational information to the community on ways to prevent similar fires from occurring.