Who We Are

The Friends of Arvada Fire Protection District (FAFPD) was established to raise money for and to support the Arvada Fire Protection District (AFPD).  The founding members of FAFPD envision an organization that will reduce AFPD’s financial burden and allow AFPD to spend more of their time focusing on their mission of responding to emergencies within the community.

The majority of FAFPD’s efforts are centered around fundraising and grant writing.  The money that is raised by the FAFPD will be used to support AFPD both administratively and in connection with their various safety and educational programs and community initiatives.

Board of Directors

Sue Steward President (president@fafpd.org)

Katie FiskVice President (vice-president@fafpd.org)

Jennifer Enochs Secretary (secretary@fafpd.org)

Chris WarhaneTreasurer (treasurer@fafpd.org)

Robert Goodrum – Assistant Secretary‐Treasurer (asst.sec.treas@fafpd.org)

Mark Ferguson – Director

Charlie GilbertDirector

Robert GoodrumIT (it@fafpd.org)

Bob LoveridgeEx-Officio Board Liaison

Rob Widom Ex-officio Board Liaison